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The art of the selfie

    Painters used to be the only people capable of self-portraiture, but now we are all at it. As a new Saatchi Gallery show celebrates the selfie, is vanity itself is now an art form?

    Stunning visions of a high-flyer

      A little-seen side of the First World War features majestic Italian Alps, flirtatious locals and a painting pilot

      A murky way of seeing

        John Berger’s art series, so hailed in his obituaries, was neither great nor influential television

        Stuck in the middle of a muddle

          A return to ‘proper painting’ falls flat at the Saatchi, but there are welcome sparks of creativity at the ICA and Sadie Coles

          A glorious revolutionary

            Zaha Hadid leaves a typically brilliant legacy. It’s surprisingly cheery, too

            A new art gallery in Walsall

              Waldemar’s review on the new gallery

              All the signs of an American genius

                Robert Rauschenberg is revered in the US. Now, finally, the rest of us can see why

                Adrift in the techno future

                  The Design Museum has tripled in size — too bad it has lost its sense of purpose

                  Modern art is rubbish

                    A ‘retrospective’ of Gavin Turk, the most elusive of the YBAs, is rescued by its engrossing examination of our waste-filled lives

                    The power to see them as they see themselves

                      This spectacular tour of Royal Collection portraits holds up a mirror to artistic identity