Adrift in the techno future

    The Design Museum has tripled in size — too bad it has lost its sense of purpose

    Modern art is rubbish

      A ‘retrospective’ of Gavin Turk, the most elusive of the YBAs, is rescued by its engrossing examination of our waste-filled lives

      The power to see them as they see themselves

        This spectacular tour of Royal Collection portraits holds up a mirror to artistic identity

        A very great Briton

          Paul Nash was our best landscape artist of the 20th century — so why is Tate Britain calling him an international modernist?

          Rhapsodies in blue

            A new Yves Klein show reveals the haunting beauty behind the vanity

            A prayer for art history

              Our critic, the son of a cleaner and a milkmaid, says the claim that art history is only for toffs is rubbish. Civilisation cannot be understood without it, so scrapping the subject at A-level is a swipe at universal values

              Caravaggio saw things in a new light

                The National Gallery’s latest show explores the influence of Caravaggio on his contemporaries, but none of them came close to his genius

                Portrait of a dashing genius

                  Thrill to Picasso’s unmatchable skill and Gormley’s sensual voids

                  Admire their cheek

                    Naughty sculptures and a feisty attitude make for a lively Turner prize show

                    Abstract Expressionism — the show of the year

                      The Royal Academy stirs the spirits with a marvellous selection